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1992 © by Anna Marie Isgro

As I viewed the pain and agony of the Man who knew no sin,

The Roman soldiers slashed His back so many times within

That dark and lonely hour of torment, mock, and shame.

His face was of the Man Who, in times of hurting, came.

I saw the face of Him adorned

With His head so crowned with many a thorns.

His face, I sought with all my heart in my younger days

Is Whose Presence I have yearned to worship and to praise.

This face replaced my father when he went and left me.

This face was my Boyfriend when I had none I wanted to see.

This face was my Husband Who won all my affection.

He even became my Commander-in-Chief to Whom I gave my attention.

But now I see in my past, a cheerful girl, so bright as day.

Who gave her soul to the Man, for His awesome Love, to repay.

She's older now, raped and torn,

And wonders, "Does He love me anymore?

"He was to me my Father, Boyfriend, Husband, and King

To Whom I would so affectionately sing."

But thing are different now, she's lost her dreams.

"Does He still love me?"  Not so, it seems.

With all that Love

Endorsed with Blood,

How could it be

That He doesn't still love me?

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