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1988 © by Anna Marie Isgro

Painted sunset so warm

With colors of peach gliding through the sky.

Streaks of amber so tender to see

With the silver lining mixed so mysteriously.

Mountains, upon the horizon,

Kissing the sky so blue,

And gentle breezes whisper

All the secrets of You.

So pretty the picture is

The view from upon a hill;

The splendor of Your creativity -

Your Name signed in beauty.

I long to see You sunset

Forever as I look

To only see it calmly glide

To another place on earth.

But more than the sunset

That I so dearly cherish to see

Is the face of my dear Savior

Who knows me by name

When I came to Calvary.

Although the sunset fades

And comes back the next day,

So is that same promise

that JESUS I will see.

Not just for a moment,

Never shall He fade.

But forever shall my LORD and me

Be in love with each other so intimately.

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