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1992 © by Anna Marie Isgro

In a little town not known to man

Was a lovely girl in a red hairband.

So soft and sweet and kind was she:

Fifth-grade love, and roller-skating queen.

At only twelve, she liked me.

Must have come from a rich family,

But holes in the wall and bugs everywhere,

It wasn't exactly the great Wall Street.

Been all over the world and seen rich snobs in church,

Worn all the uniforms and had my choice perch.

But to say that precious girl wasn't much

Says that I had forgotten that I came from such.

To see this girl in my hometown

Reminds me of where I came

And how distant I've grown from all dirt and rags

To perfect uniforms and ways.

From bugs and insanity

To sweet fragrance and serenity,

Like diamonds are made

In beds of charcoal clay.

But it's so good to resee how Peace and Faith grew

In the hard spots of my youth.

When I saw that little girl,

How hard it was at all, I never really knew.

God is so faithful to bring you out

To what He brought you through.

And lets you see

What He brought you out of

With visions that understands more perfectly.