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1996 © by Anna Marie Isgro

The man with the charm

Can do you some harm.

If you don't watch out

He'll make you pout.

Legend has it he never grew old

except his soul's portrait

For every crime untold.

No one knows his secret

And all his friends are dead:

200 years later

No tears has he shed.

Look closely my friend.

The attic is his key

And the portrait is his heart.

But like every man

Knows not how to let evil depart.

So he keeps it under cover

For no one else to see

And hides behind a face

That's lit so angelically.

But sooner or later Dorian Grey

Will grow weary

Of all  his heavy burdens

That no one was meant to carry.

Dorian Grey, you're an angel of light:

Handsome in the day, ugly in the night.

Dorian your sins will find you out.

Might take awhile but it's true,

Only God can reverse the curse

That you put on you.

And the only peace

You'll ever find

Is when you unveil your eyes... so blind.

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