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2019 copyright by Anna Marie Isgro

Military girl done her time 
Looking to serve her God 
And travels to the sweet Georgia pines 
Where the heavenly angels gave their nod. 

With such a divine appointment 
To worship in a Church 
With many loving people so fluent 
In God’s unconditional love she searched. 

She met an expensive call girl 
Baptized, now called by God, 
Needing a live-in babysitter 
For whom she gave birth in a prison pod. 

With nowhere else for her to turn 
She humbly did accept 
Asking God what could this woman learn 
From her straight Christian ways, yet so inept. 

As she stayed with her and helped out, 
God’s hands of grace still blessed. 
But when later she began to doubt 
Her indifferent heart did God arrest. 

The Spirit explained from above, 
“She turned from lust and drugs. 
And she, although with unbridled love, 
Showed your need:  repent from hate and fake hugs. 

“Yes, the woman needs your support 
To walk straight and narrow. 
But so do you, hidden hate to thwart, 
With more light and love and no more harrow.” 

Through life the call girl got serious 
With God’s call from above, 
Led her own ministry marvelous, 
And with a millionaire husband in love. 

So this is my true life story 
In years past of my world: 
I grew up to love my family 
And stayed best friends with God’s Reformed Call Girl. 

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