Mission of St. Mary @ Jesus' Feet online

For the Love of God, His Son, Spirit, and His People

Anyone may write to me at this time. 

Also, *If you ever served with me in the United States military or met me while stationed in the following locations:

South Korea

Galena, Alaska

Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

Tulsa, Oklahoma

Okmulgee, Oklahoma

St. Petersburg, Florida

Las Vegas, Nevada

Honolulu, Hawaii

I also want to hear from you too and say hi.

And of course if you know me from outside the military, please say hi.  I love to hear from friends, family, church friends, and classmates.

Letter writing has become something of antiquity these days with the constant advancing of technology and Internet communications.

Please write to me!

You can send your letter to:

Anna Marie Isgro

P.O. Box 482

Port Richey, Florida 34673-0482


If you really must send an email instead of a letter, please feel free to email me here.

It might be a bit easier to send me an email because I can use the Google Translator app to write back to you in your native language.  Just tell me on top of your letter what language you're writing in.