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1995 © by Anna Marie Isgro

Your Mercy amazes me.

You give me power over my enemies.

You let me walk the clear blue skies of peace.

Yes! Your Mercy amazes me.

Your Mercy amazes me.

Yes, You destroy all of my enemies.

You have me walk the path of righteousness.

Yes!  Your Mercy amazes me.

Over and over I will sing of Your Mercies.

You are my Mercy in time of need.

You are my Strength when I feel weak.

You are my Joy and my Song.

You are my Mercy in my time of need.

How great and wonderful You are, my Mercy!

How triumphant You've made me over my enemies.

And You overwhelm me with Your Peace

As still and quiet as the morning breeze,

But as strong and big as the ocean's seas.

Yes, Your Mercy amazes me.

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