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1992 © by Anna Marie Isgro

The sunshine in the summer, green grass on the ground,
the blue skies up above us, the wind blowing all around.
The flowers bloom vivid colors, trees so stern and tall,
just a glimpse of the children playing is so lovely in its all and all.

How The Lord creates such beauty is such a wonder to ponder on,
But I know that the work of the artist is to remind us of His Son.

He was born of a Virgin, He grew to be a Boy,
He was a man of sorrows So that we could share His joy.
He was friend to the rich and poor, He healed the lame and sick,
He preached to all the proud and humble, but only few disciples He'd pick.

Jesus took our sin and failures and on the Cross He bore the pain.
With thorns on His head, stripes on His back,

nails through His hands He bled.

While on the Cross He stayed people would mock and jeer.
The dark skies up above them, all the people began to fear.
The Lord gave up His Ghost, earthquakes had begun,
The soldiers knelt and bowed down praying, "Surely this was the Son of God!"

The tomb was sealed, three days went by.  Oh yes!  The stone was rolled away!
He rose from the dead!  He lives forever! 

And He'll come to take us home some day.