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1996 © by Anna Marie Isgro

Put away your fears,
They're just a pack of lies.
Wipe away your tears.
Try to relax and unwind.
Girl, you know He loves you,
He'll always show He cares.

And if you haven't noticed,
His love for you is so rare.
 But you know, I want Him so

'cause He'll never let you go.
 I want Him so.

Oh how do you get
 this love so divine?
 I've been searching
 for such a long, long time.
 What is your secret.
 Well, I would like to know.
 Oh, please tell me.
 I'm thirsting in my soul.

And you know, I want Love so.
Will you ever let me know?
I want to know.

Well, those stars are a billion miles away.
Try to squeeze that space inside your heart to stay.
You'll soon find out
That there's no reason to pout.
in His great Love,

There's no room to doubt!

Now I know He loves me so!

And He'll never let me go.
I love Him so!