Mission of St. Mary @ Jesus' Feet online

For the Love of God, His Son, Spirit, and His People

      My friends call me Anna.  My Mom called me Anna Marie.  My Dad called me Anna Maria.  I created this webpage as an outlet to reach people online who want to be blessed by God's ministry to me and through me and to be prayed for.  After having been raised Roman Catholic and grown closer to The Lord through the Catholic Charismatic Renewal ministries, I was able to finally serve God in non-denominational Christian Churches during my tour of duty in the military after my father died.  A few negative experiences in the military and in the church congregations caused me to come home to Mother in 1992.  And in 2012 I came back to the Mother Church of Catholicism briefly until someone abused me again.  So after the authorities of the catholic church refused to handle the problem, I tried another Catholic service, but felt led to worship in a more loving atmosphere at a non-denominational Christian church locally.  But I still believe in the fullness of Christ's Body of Believers, the Church, and it's communion of Saints of Heaven and Earth, and I still believe in the Queen Virgin Mother of the King of kings and Lord of lords.  And God is still on the throne and Christ Jesus is His right hand of power because Jesus died for all heaven and earth and souls in it that Father God created through Him, and then rose on the third day in flesh and bone from death. Christ Jesus is worthy to be Lord of all Heaven and Earth!  Refer to John 1:1.

     What I feel led to do with this website is to reach out and pray for people and let them know they have options.  Not only is God's Word, Christ Jesus, the answer, but also maybe God wants them to humble themselves and try talking with a Christian trained counselor or christian medical doctor to investigate if one needs psychiatric medicine.  All diseases, mental and physical, are the result of original sin began by the first sin of Adam and Eve inspired by the devil.  And of course the devil and its angels will exploit any of our weaknesses.  But mental illness is not always demonic.  Sometimes mental illness is from an organic problem, such as chemical imbalance in their emotions or from a gene in their DNA, or from negative actions they have done in their past emotions, such as hatred.  Not all mental illnesses are the same and the levels of severity are all different from very mild depression to extreme delusion.  When people are not able to cope and make correct or sound decisions on their own, they need medical help.  Mental illness is like any other illness of the body, for example, like diabetes.  You can take medicine to correct it. 

     I speak from experience and education learned from my own doctors and pastors, and not as a doctor or pastor myself.  Some people would say that mental illness is the same as sin, but that's not true.  There are people who are not mentally ill and they sin and make bad choices not caring who they hurt because their heart is evil.  The only medicine for an evil heart is repentance and being sorry for your sins and asking God and Jesus to save you from your sins and begin living for God by the power of the Holy Spirit God will give you.  But  mental illness is an emotional disease, so that when you take your prescribed medication it levels your emotions to allow you to reason clearly.  And although it's an emotional disease, it's caused by your physical elements in your body, such as an imbalance of chemicals in your physical blood.  That's why medicine can correct it because its physical properties can be controlled or influenced.

     Mentally ill people who are good souls and take their medication should not be outcasts or be condemned or feared.  There is nobody that mental illness does not affect.  Mental illness affects everybody, from kings and leaders, rich and poor, Christian and non-Christian, and even  those in the churches and out of the churches, and it doesn't matter if you're male or female, or even if you are a good person who loves everybody and would never hurt anybody, or if you are a bad, evil person who always looks for a way to kill, steal, and destroy like the devil.  People are people and all are vulnerable.  All humans are frail.  Someday in our own lives we all realize that.