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My first song "Work of the Artist" was written when I was 18 in one sitting after Jesus showed me a vision of His Hands on His lap as if giving me something.  My first poem "Your Name Signed in Beauty" was written in the military while on leave in a plane flying over Tanana, Alaska.

The Lord even gave me designs to draw and I kept getting more and more ideas.  I have over a hundred designs and some watercolor paintings.  My designs are very simple and mostly repetitious designs.

Most of my songs were written after I lost my mind and/or my ability to imagine.  I prayed to The Lord Jesus Christ to help me keep my mind from turning to mush even though I couldn't do anything.  The Lord answered me and guided me to grab a pencil and just scribble, which He helped me to turn into thoughts, then words, then rhyme, then compose with guitar, and ultimately record on a demo CD.