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Recent miracles:  ​Friday night, on April 13, 2018, as I worshipped Jesus in my bedroom on my bed to the worship songs on my Internet broadcast "Worship Messiah JESUS!", I experienced joy that I haven't felt in a very long time.  The Holy Spirit was so powerful those few minutes to focus all my attention on Christ Jesus, and the Holy Spirit was preaching to me and I began to understand the truth of Who Christ Jesus truly is according to John 1:1.  I was worshipping and praising Christ Jesus:  "Thank You Father God for making Christ Jesus Lord of all Heaven and Earth!  He is worthy!  Worthy are You Lord Jesus!   You are worthy to be Lord of Heaven and Earth over all spirits, and angels, and people, and land and sea and all spirit- and natural-realms and all principalities and authorities because You agreed with Father God to be sacrificed to cleanse them all with your spilt holy blood to take away sins of all these Who Father God created through You; You are worthy to be Lord of all of us who were created through you that you died for.  You are worthy to be my Lord!  Glory to You Jesus!!!"  As I worshipped Jesus, I saw with my spirit eyes, Jesus, as if he was sitting on His throne but His face was blocked so I couldn't see it.  With an aura of glimmering and shimmeriing gold dust, Jesus outstretched His right arm and hand to me as if He was giving me anything I desire as I believe, and all I wanted was to be with Him in Heaven, but I was worried my sister was going to look for me because she was supposed to call me in the morning to go to a doll show with her.  The next morning my home phone didn't work and Vivian texted me saying she tried to call me and couldn't reach me.   Two days later on Sunday morning, April 15, 2018, while driving to Solid Rock Church in Monroe, Ohio as I listened to Dodie Osteen minister the Communion Service over Sirius XM radio in the pouring rain with severe limited visibility, I felt led to manually turn my lights on so I could be seen in the dark rainy daylight because my lights weren't automatically on.  Moments later the car in the right lane next to me sped ahead of me and spun out of control and turned 180 degrees into my lane  and was approaching me or I was approaching it.  I felt the peace of God and I thought to go into the right lane to avoid crashing into him.  As I continued to drive in a spirit of Peace, it dawned on me what just happened so I pulled over on the shoulder of the regional Route 129 and stopped.  I turned my head to see the other driver safely parked in the median on the other side of the highway.  So since it was pouring down rain nonstop and saw that he was safe, I continued on to Church.  Pastor Lawrence Bishop II's sermon was entitled "God's Unstoppable Will."  I went down the aisle after  the service at the altar call and rededicated my life and thanked God for saving me that morning.

     Also another miracle last year on July 2, 2018, when I was in my Florida home worshipping my Lord Jesus in my bedroom that was nearest the street, the praise & worship music felt heavily anointed like it used to back in the 1990's when I first heard it in Tulsa, Oklahoma.  It was the first time I had heard it in a while.  I began to hear a mechanical sound trudging through my front yard and then I heard a very heavy thud and crash.  So I hurried to go outside where all my neighbors were going to and there was a 17-year-old kid with just a driver's permit who ran the stop sign and plowed through my yard and miraculously swerved to ram my neighbor's garage instead of killing me in my bedroom by the window where I was.  I believe the heavy anointing I felt was God's Holy and Mighty Angel of the Lord protecting me because I was His and worshipping Him.  I was listening to the late Billy Joe Daugherty and his wife Sharon Daugherty preaching the Word with music in their God Will Restore album.  Another album that was in cue to be heard after that was their Healing Songs & Scriptures album.

  Also another answer to my sleepless prayers since July 2018 that I was told just a few days ago on January 11, 2019 is that my brother is now free of cancer.

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I had another one of my visions when I was 40 years old in April 2004 that was very vivid.  I had come back home after watching an new historical movie called The Alamo because I shared my Dad's love for history that day.  I never knew the story of The Alamo, so I was so happy and full of love and compassion for the characters and the actors who portrayed them.  Before I went to bed, I prayed with love in all my heart and faith knowing that God heard my prayers.  I prayed for the souls of Sam Houston, Davy Crockett and the martyrs, and the main actors.   At the end of my prayer I asked Father God to show me the face of His Son Whom I've always desired to see.  And I felt as if an unseen angel or spirit was holding my hand in agreement and walking away saying how sweet I was.  I fell asleep and woke up at 3:00 in the morning in the darkness of my room.  Something stirred in my eyes and I was afraid something was going to happen or I was going to see something.  There were chaotic voices in the right side of my head that scrammed to the left far away from me.  I kept my eyes closed.  Then there was a great white light all around and the same dear Man with the white woolly hair and Jewish garb Who I saw when I was 17 (and in my 20's and 30's when I was sick Who gave me my songs & poems & designs) appeared before me.  He looked very concerned at me with his hands on his hips.  Then after a moment or so, He smiled really big with all His teeth showing and His head lifted up.  He was so happy!  Then He lowered His head a bit and winked at me very slowly with His left eye.  The next three scenes were of other people and situations in my life at that time.  The last scene in the vision with all the continuous bright white light started with a curtain opening and white clouds turning into little baby angels with wings.  Then two tall persons in white robes with longer blonde hair without wings stood in front of me smiling and the person on the right shouted "JUST BELIEVE!"  And they both rode off in a golf cart to my right and the bright white light turned off and everything was black and dark again.  And I wrote it down in my journal.  This vision was immediately during the week I tithed my promised 10% of my winnings.

      The Lord appeared to me in a dream when I was 17 years old, 1980.  I was in Hamilton, Ohio.  At first I saw in the dream a window and outside were a couple of men on horses in grey uniforms holding swords.  Then I was standing before The Lord inside a room near the window and The Lord had white, woolly, shoulder length thick hair and wore a white Jewish garb, and he seemed to not be so skinny.  He was standing in front of me writing on the wall with an overhead projector.  I was reading out loud the Scripture, and I woke up from the dream speaking in tongues while I was reading it.  I was excited and wondered if it was The Lord or St. Paul, and I tried to remember what Scripture I read and I thought I remembered it was Thessalonians. 

     I feel the interpretation of the dream meant that the antichrist spirit was outside of me and I'm no longer of the world's spirit with a conquering spirit as described in Revelations 7th seal's first horseman.  And the Spirit of Christ Jesus is inside of me and teaches me and He was telling me what to know and how to live when I was 17.  He wanted me to stay pure and not sin in fornication as so many of my peers and community was doing at that age.  I know now that that dear Man I saw in my dream was the Spirit of Jesus Christ because as an answer to prayer of Who that Man is, I had another dream years ago of that same Man washing His feet and I heard a voice say He was Jesus' Spirit.


Building Up & Encouraging
the Least of the
Lord God Jesus' Brethren & Sisters

My first song "Work of the Artist" was written when I was 18 or 19 in 1982 or 1983 in one sitting after Jesus showed me a vision of His Hands on His lap as if giving me something.  My first poem "Your Name Signed in Beauty" was written in the military while on leave in a plane flying over Tanana, Alaska.

The Lord even gave me designs to draw and I kept getting more and more ideas.  I have over a hundred designs and some watercolor paintings.  My designs are very simple and mostly repetitious designs.

Most of my songs were written after I came out of the military in my 20's & 30's in the 1990's and 2000's when I felt my mind and/or my ability to imagine was neutralized.  I wrote from my Spirit man.  The Lord let me see Him with my spirit eyes and knew I wasn't imagining Him because I thought I couldn't imagine or think very well.  He seemed to have white woolly hair and wore a white Jewish garb, the same dear Man who came to me when I was 17.  He always smiled at me.  I prayed to The Lord Jesus Christ to help me keep my mind from turning to mush even though I couldn't do anything.  The Lord answered me and guided me to grab a pencil and just scribble, which He helped me to turn into thoughts, then words, then rhyme, then compose with guitar, and ultimately record on a demo CD.